On this page I list some projects that meet needs that I had, that I was able to use interesting technologies, learn many new things and that I am happy to share:

dotfiles.chezmoi : Configuration files for various software for Debian/Ubuntu and macOS managed using chezmoi.

flavertoncom-terraform : Infrastructure as code for all projects under flaverton.com, using Terraform. Mirroring code is made and maintained at other providers to facilitate migration or multiregion.

furgao : A simple way to submit forms from static websites. As abstract as possible so that it can be used in my case or in any other type of form, even budgets requested by form and sent to the financial department.

jornaleiro : Created with support for only 1 user, to be a personal instance of an RSS web client, with high flexibility in your views and the possibility of states of items in the feed as read, unread and ignored, thus causing greater patience in generating Statistics.

maps : A set of processed or unprocessed data, which can be viewed using a web interface with maps, datasets cross geographic data with tabular data, offering a greater panorama of information. Your processing routine can be single, daily or monthly depending on the importance and variation of the data presented.

trac-docker : Trac is a project management software, which requires an instance for each project and which in my experience proved to be extremely flexible. Its Python plugin system is sensational.

wooka :

ChatOps created with Errbot to streamline application boostrap and provision of cloud infrastructure. Currently the plugins developed for him are: