The itself does not retain any information of any kind, either to identify the target audience or to increase retention.

However, I use third party code and service that can somehow have data collected for analysis that I do not control.

GitHub Pages

The pages are hosted using GitHub Pages and are under the terms of:


Many of the theme’s resources are stored in it and are distributed with HTML, items such as:

  • CSS
  • JS
  • SVG
  • Fonts

Some others like the flags used when the page is available in more than one language are made available as CSS in the template file:

To store the theme’s color information, the window.LocalStorage API is used, which is available in the file:i


I use TinyLetter to send emails, even though it is a service for people who are not looking for solutions with thousands of resources, it still collects and tracks some things:

  • There is an image at the end of the email that means that if the newsletter subscriber opens the email, it is counted in the website panel that he opened the email;
  • All links are replaced by the email service’s own links, so every time the newsletter subscriber clicks on a link in the email it counts as a link clicked on the website panel.

The TinyLetter website is under the terms: