Flaverton Rodrigues Rosa 

aka Ton, I am a software developer, living in Vale do Paraíba - Brazil. Among all my development experience i identified myself with the DevOps and SRE culture, a path that I have followed, but you can always know more about me.

This is my personal website where I record discoveries, interests, projects and notes. Which you can check now.


2019-10-16 SSL certificate check

2015-04-17 Hello world!

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dotfiles.chezmoi : Configuration files for various software for Debian/Ubuntu and macOS managed using chezmoi.

flavertoncom-terraform : Infrastructure as code for all projects under flaverton.com, using Terraform. Mirroring code is made and maintained at …

furgao : A simple way to submit forms from static websites. As abstract as possible so that it can be used in my case or in any …

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