I’m Flaverton Rodrigues Rosa aka Ton, I’m a software developer, living in the Paraíba Valley - Brazil. Among all my experience with software development and management of Linux machines (Debian/Ubuntu) I always found the whole philosophy behind this and how ecosystems were based fascinating.


I was born in 1990.

2004: I won my first computer, I moved so much exploring that I had to go to the assistance and when he returned, I continued in a frantic rhythm, but it was bad again, I decided that I would learn to do what they did so my father would not have to pay and I could get what I needed. A friend of the family did the maintenance, with him doing computer maintenance services and after that I continue to this day, assembling my computers piece by piece, I am proud to work for everything I needed, without being angry because of the crash.

2006/2007: I entered a program that they called an internship at a computer school, which was to assist the teacher during classes, helping students and giving replacement classes, which were when the student was absent and I could reschedule being the intern with 1 student at a time only. Some time later I took over as a typing instructor and later as a hardware instructor.

2008: Since then, I have always done maintenance work on computers for home users, mostly on Desktops, later with a greater spread of notebooks, they also became part of the work portfolio.

2009/2013: I worked as a doorman and literally opened the iron gates on my arm.

2013/2016: I had my first experience with programming in a professional way during this period, starting as an intern and arriving as a technical assistant. In a foundation focused on the development of platforms around the open source Terralib library licensed under GPL developed by INPE, working in the geotechnology market and there I was able to learn about GIS software (Geographic Information Systems, such as TerraView, TerraAmazon and Spring GIS, learn a lot about administration of Linux servers (Debian/Ubuntu) and programming in C ++, PHP and Python.

2016: In January of this year my logo was made by Vinícius Theodoro.

2017: A work of approximately 4 months as a freelance C ++ developer, which was a portability of a build system in Qmake and C ++ code, which in its first versions had compatibility with Solaris, but which over time time lost that compatibility and that now needed to be ported to macOS.

Generating macOS software and standard installer with .dmg package, containing instruction files and the .app bundle

2017/2019: In this work I continued in the geotechnology area, with direct contact to TerraMA2 and maintenance of the Spring GIS. Later contact with ArcGIS Server and C # systems, consequently Windows Server.

In 2020 after reflecting on how I was taking and facing the vacancies I occupied, with the knowledge I acquired, I managed to enter the DevOps culture and discover that I was already an evangelist of much of what was said about it. I also discovered SRE (Site Reability Engineer) which among its many names and definitions was something that would be very beneficial to my knowledge, which in itself would be a good choice.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who has gone through my life and who somehow contributed to me having all this knowledge.

Thank you! :)


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